Wall II.

  • W: 92.00 cm; H: 187.00 cm
  • W: 36.22 in; H: 73.62 in

Project Statement


In this body of work, I sought to articulate memory, longing, and the passing of time. Preoccupied with nostalgia, I obsessively copied family photographs and re-recorded home videos. My approach was much influenced by the 2010 Solomon R. Guggenheim exhibition Haunted: Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance. Concerned with appropriation, the archive, documentation, and the uncanny, Haunted pushed me to explore my attachment to keepsakes from my native Hungary.

My work was included in the student exhibition Re-Presentation at the Jewett Gallery of Art in November 2010.

Artworks from this project:
  • Zsofia Schweger - Performance with Attempted Interruption. pic
  • Zsofia Schweger - Performance Followed by Interview with the Artist. pic
  • Zsofia Schweger - Wall I.
  • Zsofia Schweger - Wall II.