Sandorfalva, Hungary

My work is driven by my experience as a Hungarian living abroad first in the U.S. and now permanently in the UK: I research the notions of home and belonging, local identity, and the emigrant experience.

In my Sandorfalva, Hungary paintings, I explore the motif of the house by returning to my first home in Hungary. Here my family lived for 20 years before permanently relocating to London. Now the house looks frozen in time, with most furniture and belongings still in place, waiting for eventual moving or disposal.

My personal narrative has engendered painterly thinking of absence and presence, stillness and duration, space and flatness, feeling and apathy, cosiness and dread, the private and the social.

I pair potentially pleasant domestic interiors rendered in possibly seductive colours with a sure sense of alienation expressed by reductive and non-hierarchical paint application. My methodical, controlled approach to technique lets up, however, through touch: my hand trembles where colour blocks meet forming gently wavering lines.  I want always to make paintings that are affecting and alive.