In the Press

1 Oct. 2016

My solo exhibition at Griffin Gallery closed yesterday following a great few weeks. 

I was very happy that my show was included in the Financial Times Critics' Choice section and featured in The Week UK, Wallpaper*, Stylist, It's Nice That, ArtJobs, a-n, After Nyne, White Noise, AIGA: Eye on Design, and The Big Issue.

Huge thanks to all the authors! 

Here is a list of relevant articles and links, if you'd like to check them out: 

The Big Issue | BLOC, Zsofia Schweger, Griffin Gallery - Review by Louise Fitzjohn | September 2016

Financial Times | Critics’ Choice by Jackie Wullschlager | August 2016

The Week | Zsofia Schweger at Griffin Gallery | August 2016

Stylist | Meet the young Hungarian artist exploring the modern emigrant experience by Moya Crockett | August 2016

It’s Nice That | ZsofiaSchweger’s paintings depict her Hungarian home frozen in time by Jenny Brewer | August 2016

Wallpaper | Bloc party: Zsofia Schweger’s minimal paintings of Hungarian domestic interiors by Jessica Klingelfuss | August 2016

AIGA: Eye On Design | Graphic Sensibilities with Politicized Undertones in Zsofia Schweger’s Unusual Image-making by Emily Gosling | August 2016

a-n | NOW SHOWING #161: The week’s top exhibitions | August 2016

Art Jobs | Redefining the domestic space in her debut exhibition at the Griffin Gallery: Interview with Zsofia Schweger | August 2016

White Noise | The city that changes you by Liz Ann Bennett | August 2016

BBC World Service | Radio interview in Outlook by Jo Fidgen | August 2016