Group show at SITE131 in Dallas

16 Sept. 2019

I am delighted to exhibit for the first time in Dallas, Texas with SITE131. SITE131's director Joan Davidow brings together works by four artists in the exhibition, STRUCTURED between September 14th and December 14th 2019.

According to SITE131's exhibition summary, "STRUCTURED introduces Danish artist Anne Damgaard’s first presentation in the U.S. With dynamic flair, Damgaard’s fashions become objets d’art. Hungarian artist Zsofia Schweger’s large meditative paintings of interiors reflect home, belonging, and the emigrant experience. Digitally contrived photographs of reinvented well-known paintings by American artist Richard Tuschman show silent figures in familiar settings and capture themes of solitude and longing. And Colombian artist living in Texas, Cristina Velasquez creates multiples of folded-image collages recognizing the impact of quiet repetition and life in a new culture."

The exhibition is accompanied by a beautiful essay by Heidi Hadassah Laura, a writer and journalist living in Nyborg, Denmark.  She writes: 

“Unstructured, the world presents itself to us as mystery and maze; unpredictable, enticing and uncontrollable. We are all born into this magical world and gradually learn to perceive it as orderly, patterned and knoable. We learn to apply structure and to order and control the world and our lives through structure. Establishing maximum order is a truly modern project: The sharp light of science and philosophy has probed ever deeper and further into the elements that make up the world, asking ever more refined questions about its parts, its principles, its manner of assemblage.

The very word ‘structure’ came into use in the 15th century when architecture and art strove for new order, and as the world grew modern, we adopted the double vision of modernity:  perceiving both the parts and patterns and the whole. We left the Wunderkammer (wonder closet_ of the old world, where beauty was in the very mysteriousness of the object and have never stopped the painstaking work of analysing and taking the world apart into its constituent elements. Languages, materials, societies where all shown to possess  structures that determine function and action. Homes and social life and books and dresses, the most basic daily stuff, are all structures.

The exhibition STRUCTURED offers four different ways of re-enchanting the concept of structure and exploring the wonder of order."

I am showing four large scale paintings, two each from my Sandorfalva, Hungary and Library series.