Fidelity Corporate Art Collection

11 May 2020

I am proud that four works of mine have been acquired by Fidelity Corporate Art Collection in early 2020. The acquisition includes the following paintings:  Library #1 (2017), Loveseat (2018), His and Hers (2018), and Staring Contest (2018).

Fidelity Investments, headquartered in Boston, MA, has a collection of over 12,000 pieces of contemporary art located in all of its over 200 locations both domestic and international.  Fidelity is proud to support local artist communities in areas where it has a business presence and engage associates with dynamic, thought-provoking works of museum-quality art in all the spaces where they work.

Thank you to Sapar Contemporary, who represent my work in the United States, for making an introduction and facilitating the acquisition.