Curator/director Joan Davidow gathers dynamic international artists matched with national and area talent. The exhibition of paintings, digitized works, collage, and sculpture shows through December 14, 2019.
Hungarian artist Zsofia Schweger presents large meditative paintings of nondescript interiors that reflect notions of home, belonging and the emigrant experience. Her large-scale geometrically inspired interiors in bright colours form a central focus. Digitally contrived photographs of reinvented well-known paintings by American artist Richard Tuschman show quiet personal connections of figures in familiar settings and capture themes of solitude and longing. Bogota, Colombian artist Cristina Velásquez creates multiples of woven paper works recognizing the impact of quiet repetition. Danish artist Anne Damgaard’s first presentation in the U S. with a dynamic flair, Damgaard’s fashions show as objets d’art.


131 Payne Street
Dallas, TX 75207, USA

14 Sept. 2019 - 14 Dec. 2019
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Exhibited artworks: