Home as an Irrevocable Condition

Where is home? The answer might be three words or three volumes, as the question alludes to very immediate and concrete as well as transcendent and imaginary: Our childhood home, the home we never had, the physical dwelling where our physical self is at peace; an ancestral home that our forefathers left to never return back, the home of old memories, more distant with each passing year, until it is the place that is almost completely imagined. Or is it a destination, a place we hope to get to, for a split second or forever? Is home a creative hermitage or a figment of one’s imagination, at once vivid and illusive? For this exhibit four female artists are challenged with defining the notion of home, and finding the visual and conceptual language to represent it.

Sapar Contemporary

9 N Moore Street, 1st Floor,
New York, NY 10013

25 April 2017 - 10 June 2017
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Exhibited artworks: