Four Women Painters: At the Crossroads

Zsofia Schweger (Hungary/UK)
Lucia Vidales (Mexico)
Anya Zholud (Russia)
Uuriintuya Dagvasambuu (Mongolia)  

Curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud

The exhibition focuses on paintings that blur the line between figuration and abstraction. The participating artists were carefully chosen to represent different approaches and styles with an emphasis on visual narrative. Storytelling in art has been present for centuries and in many cases has served as a point of reference to understand the social and political structure of past civilizations. The artists in this exhibition—all women—are well aware of their origins and personal histories: Mongolia, Russia, Hungary and Mexico are distinct countries facing similar challenges as a result of globalization. These conditions have brought about technological advances in communication and easy access to information, which results in an approach to artmaking one could call the contemporary homogeneous. Social Media has contributed further to this new direction, shifting artists’ production into ever greater accessibility and availability to anyone, regardless of social status or geographical location. This concept of the crossroads, then, represents a return to the meeting point at which consensus must be reached.

Piero Atchugarry Gallery

5520 NE 4th Avenue
Miami, FL 33137

2 Dec. 2020 - 9 Jan. 2021
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Exhibited artworks: